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1-General Plan Final 2-13-15 word.docx

2-Mantua Zoning Ordinance 2-13-1524 word.docx

3-Appdx A 2-13-15.xls

4-Appdx B LUDMA Code 2006 word.docx

5-Appdx C - Color Palate of Signs word.docx

6-STREETS 3-06 word.docx

7-Zoning map 5-08 jpeg.jpg

8-Mantua Annex Policy Map 7-06 word.docx

9-Mantua SLO Zone Map 7-06 word.docx


Ordinance #2017-02-02A.pdf- Amending ordinance 08-02-07- Snow and Ice on City Roads

Ordiance #2017-02-02B.pdf- Amending Ordinance 17-2012-5 Golf Carts must be registered under State Code

Ordinance #2017-02-02C.pdf- Repeal Ordinance #008-07-24C - Moratorium on Building Permits

Ordinance 2017-02-16A.pdf-Setting Language to adopt State Traffic Code

Ordinance #2017-03-02(A).pdf
Prohibiting Steel Lugs on Mantua Roads

Ordinance #2017-03-02(B).pdf
Ordinance amending Curfew Ordinance

Ordinance #2017-03-02(C).pdf Placing Snow or Ice on Roads

Ordinance #2017-03-02(D).pdf
-Amending Ordinance #91-005 Discharge of Firearms

Ordinance #2017-03-02(E).pdf Elected Officials Compensation

Ordinance 2017-03-02(F).pdf
Amending Ordinance 140-85 Control of Beer and Alcoholic beverages

Ordinance #2017-03-02(G).pdf
Amending Ordinance # 140-85 Required Wearing of PFD's

Ordinance #2017-03-02(H).pdf
Regulating Solicitors

Ordinance #17-04-05 Repeal Ordinance 17-04-02.pdf

Ordinance #17-04-06 Appeal Authority.pdf

Ordinance #17-04-07 Temp business license.pdf

Resolution 17-04-01 Residential Water Connections.pdf


Ordinance 17-04-01 Swimming Pools.pdf

17-04-02 Variance Appeals.pdf

Ordinance # 17-04-04 Steel Lugs.pdf

Cemetery Ordinances:

14-002 cemetery hours.pdf

85-002 cemetery.pdf

79-128 cemetary.pdf

119 cemetary8.pdf

bona fide resident cementary.pdf

Policy for Cemetery.pdf


80-131 courts.pdf

Fire Department

90-003 fire dept.pdf

90-005A fire.pdf

107 fire.pdf


fire fighting agreement 1981.pdf

Impact Fees

2008-07-24A impact fees.pdf


98-1-8 impact fee and backup8.pdf


Business Licenses
Ordinance # 17-04-03.pdf- Ordinance to Amend 2016-04-07

2016-04-7 business license.pdf

Ordinance to admend 2016-4-7B biusiness license.docx


74-003 fha agreement.pdf

emergency aid agreement 2004.pdf

tree removal agreement sidewalk.pdf


06-01-19 moritorium.pdf

2003-06-19 Moritorium.pdf

2002-3-21 Moratorium.pdf


2001-07-05B moratorium.pdf

2001-12-6 Moratorium.pdf


98-5-7 dog backup.pdf

91-004 dog.pdf

89-007 animal control agreement.pdf


88-3 dog.pdf

87-1 dogs8.pdf

80-129 dogs.pdf


80-130 dogs.pdf


2016-09-15 nuisance.pdf

2015-05-21 Nuisance8.pdf

95-12-01 Nuisance8.pdf

2016-09-01A noise (2).pdf

Resolution R2016-12-15A.docx

Noise Ordinance 2016-09-01A.pdf

2016-11-17A Appoint an Appeal Authority.pdf

Ordinance 2016-09-15.pdf

This Ordinance amends Ordinance  2015-05-21

Ordinance 2016-09-01.pdf

This Ordinance amends Ordinance # 2004-06-03 making the punishment an infraction rather then a misdemeanor.

Ordinance 2016-08-18A.pdf

This Amends Ordinance # 2006-05-18 making it an infraction rather then a misdeameanor

Ordinance #2016-08-18B.pdf

Ordinance #2016-08-18C.pdf

This Ordinance repeals Ordinance #91-003 because the ordinance is outdated and been replaced with Ordinance #2016-07-04

Ordinance #2016-08-18D.pdf

This Ordinance amends Ordinance #2004-08-05 making it an infraction rather than a misdemeanor

Ordinance #2016-08-18E.pdf

This Ordinance amends Ordinance #2006-07-04 making it an infraction rather than a misdemeanor.

Ordinance #2016-08-18F.pdf

This is to repeal Ordinance #101 which is outdated.


17-03-01 jacob brakes replaces 95-11-1.pdf

36-001 speed.pdf

79-006 sheriff dep agreement.pdf

90-004 police dept.pdf

90-10-4 traffic code.pdf

91-005 523 firearms.pdf

91-005 amendment 2017-03-02D.pdf

95-11-1 Jacob brakes traffic replaced by 17-03-01.pdf

117 traffic.pdf

91-005 discharge firearms.docx

Public Intox

06-05-18 Public drinking8.pdf

34-001 beer.pdf

83-135 driving under the influence.pdf

140-85 alchol.pdf

140-85 amended 2017-03-02F beer sales.pdf

2016-08-18A Public drinking.pdf

Public Safety

07-10-18 fireplace and wood stove.pdf

99 solicitors8.pdf

122 curfew.pdf

122 amendment 2017-03-02B curfew.pdf

2003-02-006 Solicitation.pdf

2017-03-02(B) admend 122 curfew.docx

2017-03-02(F) amending 140 – 85 beer sales.docx

2017-03-02(H) amend 2003-02-06 door to door.docx

2017-03-02H Solicitation.pdf

Business License

2015-04-16 business licensing.pdf

# 2015-04-16.pdf


08-02-07 roads snow and ice8.pdf

08-07-24B weight restrictions.pdf

94-001 repair of street and excavation.pdf

2015-12-17 Digging.pdf

2017-02-02 amendment snow on roads8.docx

2015-10-15A winter parking.pdf

2016-08-18B obstructing sidewalks.pdf

2016-08-18F Parking repeal 101.pdf

2017-02-02A ice and snow on roads.pdf

2017-03-002 repealing 78-124 road width.docx

08-02-07 roads snow and ice.pdf.docx

jake brakes new.docx

road damage correspondence.pdf

roadside digging 121615.doc

road bond 1985.pdf


2015-10-15A winter parking.pdf

2016-08-18B obstructing sidewalks.pdf

Ordinance # 17-04-04 Steel Lugs.pdf

2016-08-18F Parking repeal 101.pdf 

004-08-05 regulatory signs8.pdf

06-10-19B Parent or Guardian.pdf

2016-08018D amends 004-08-05 regulatory signs.pdf