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1-General Plan Final 2-13-15 word.docx

2-Mantua Zoning Ordinance 2-13-1524 word.docx

3-Appdx A 2-13-15.xls

4-Appdx B LUDMA Code 2006 word.docx

5-Appdx C - Color Palate of Signs word.docx

6-STREETS 3-06 word.docx

7-Zoning map 5-08 jpeg.jpg

8-Mantua Annex Policy Map 7-06 word.docx

9-Mantua SLO Zone Map 7-06 word.docx


117 traffic.pdf

119 cemetary8.pdf

Policy for Cemetery.pdf

122 curfew.pdf

amendment 2017-03-02B curfew.pdf

140-85 alcohol and beer sales.pdf

2017-03-02 (F) Amending Ordinance 140-85 Beer Sales.pdf

60-001 utah power and light.pdf

68-003 lease of school house.pdf

88-3 dog.pdf  Dog Licensing

89-007 animal control agreement with Brigham City.pdf

90-003 fire dept.pdf

90-004 police dept.pdf

90-005A fire dept and county agreement.pdf

91-005 523 firearms.pdf

2017-03-02(D) admend 91-005 discharge firearms.docx

94-001 repair of street and excavation.pdf

animal ordinance 98-5-7.pdf

2000-08-17 Water on Roads.pdf

2003-02-006 Solicitation.pdf

Ordinance #2017-03-02(H).pdf

2003-12-04 Zoning of the flat.pdf

2004-06-03 Overnight Camping.pdf

2004-08-05 Obeying Regulatory Signs.pdf

2016-08018D amends 004-08-05 regulatory signs.pd

2006-05-18 Public drinking8.pdf

2006-07-04 Regulating ATV's.pdf

2006-07-20(A) wearing PFD's.pdf

2017-03-02(G) amending

2006-10-19B Parent or Guardian.pdf

2008-07-24A impact fees.pdf

2008-07-24B weight restrictions.pd

Ordinance 2010-08-0512262018.pdf  Flood Damage Prevention

2012-5-17 Golf carts must be registered.pdf

Ordiance #2017-02-02B amending Golf cart.pdf

Ordinance 2013-09-1912262018.pdf Apartment Rentals

2014-002 cemetery hours.pdf

2015-04-16 business licensing.pdf

17-04-03 business license amending 2015-04-16.pdf


2015-05-21 Nuisance8.pdf

2016-09-15 nuisance amend 2015-05-21.docx

2015-10-15A winter parking.pdf

2015-12-17 Digging.pdf

2016-04-07  Business License.pdf

2017-04-03 business license amending 2015-04-16.pdf

2016-08-18B obstructing sidewalks.pdf

2016-09-01A Noise8.pdf


2016-11-17(A) Appoint an Appeal Authority.pdf

2017-02-02(C) Repeal ordinance on Moratorium on Building permits.pdf

2017-02-02(D) repeal 06-10-19A dogs.pdf

2017-02-16(A) Setting Language to adopt State Traffic Code.pdf

2017-03-01 Dynamic Brakes.pdf

2017-03-02(A) steel lugs.pdf

Ordinance # 17-04-04 Steel Lugs.pdf

2017-03-02(C) roads snow and ice.pdf.docx

2017-03-02(E) Elected officers compensation.pdf

2017-04-01 Swimming Pools.pdf

17-04-02 Variance appeal costs.pdf


2017-04-06 Appeal Authority.pdf

2017-04-07 Temp business license.pdf

2018-08-02 Park Impact Fees.pdf

Ordinance 2018-11-15 Short Term Rental Properties.pdf

Ordinance 2019-02-07 Amendment to Land Use Penalities.pdf