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 A petition to change the zone of any land within Mantua Town or to amend this Code other than changing the Zone map, shall be filed first with the Planning Commission in a letter or on a form prescribed for that purpose. The form or letter shall contain a legal description of the land affected by the petition, and a statement of the petitioner's interest in the land included within the petition. The petition shall state the current zone of the property and the zone which the petitioners desire to have a new zone designation established, the petition shall so state, and give some indication of the reasoning for the change as well as the uses and standards requested to be allowed in the new zone. A fee will be established for acting on a petition for a zone change as described in the current Town Fee Resolution in effect at the time. (To change or amend the zone within a legally recorded subdivision, the petition must also include signatures of approval by the owners of at least 51% of the platted lots in the subdivision.) The petition must also include all of the names of property owners within a 2500-foot radius of the property boundary under petition with the signatures of those approving of the change clearly shown.

Rezone Application pdf.pdf

Mantua Bowery is located adjacent to Mantua Town Hall and Mantua park with a spectacular view of the reservoir and mountains.  Bowery amenities include covered picnic tables, kitchen, bathrooms, bleacher seating, and table for BBQ or Dutch oven cooking.

Park facilities include playground equipment, baseball diamond, horse shoe pits, and basketball court.  All park area is available to the general public and is not included in the Bowery reservation.

Mantua Bowery is located across the street from Mantua Reservoir which is used for boating, fishing and water sports. A boat launch fee is charged. Mantua Reservoir is owned by Brigham City. Contact Brigham City for more information about the reservoir.

Town of Mantua Bowery.docx

Reservations may be made by calling a clerk at Mantua Town offices during our normal business hours or by printing the form above and bringing it to Town Hall.  The Mantua Bowery may be reserved year round but the bathrooms and kitchen are only available from Memorial Day to mid September due to the possibility of freezing weather. Reservations must be paid for in advance. No refunds will be issued for inclement weather.

The City will not be processing any Building Permits August 20-24, please make arrangements before then.

You may fill out the Building Permit, print it and then bring it to the Mantua Town Offices to begin the process. There are special instructions for the building permit process that all those applying for a building permit must read.


Building Permit packet October 2019.pdf

Business License's are now not required by State Law.  If you need a license for tax or insurance purposes they will still be available.  Please fill out application below and return to Town Hall with $25.00 processing fee.

Business Application Revised 2018.docx


Mantua Temporary Business License.docx

Conditional Use Application 2017.doc

Excavation Permit.pdf


Mantua Fire Department Application.pdf

Town of Mantua Short Term Rental Applications and Ordinance.docx

Town of Mantua Special Event Permit.docx

Utility policy.pdf

Please open and read Utility Policy

All new residents must fill out a Utility Agreement before services will be rendered.  Print out form mail form to 409 No Main, Mantua, Utah, 84324, or drop in brown drop box in front of Town Hall

Application for Utility Services.pdf

Application for Utilities for Landlords (first application must be filled out by renter, second application must be filled out by landlord)

Utility Agreement for landlords.pdf