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Purchase of Plots

Mantua’s policy on the purchase of resident and non-residents Cemetery Plots is as follows:  An individual who is currently a resident and has lived in Mantua at least 6 consecutive months, a non-resident is anyone not living within the Mantua Town limits.

Our policy is that each resident may purchase a plot for themselves and must name another resident if another lot is purchased at resident rates.  If the resident purchases a plot and names a non-resident to be the owner of that plot, it would be non-resident rates for that burial plot.  If a resident purchases a plot then buries a non-resident in the plot there would be a transfer fee of $1150.00 at the time of internment. If a resident sells a plot to a non-resident there would be an $1150.00 transfer fee to the new owner to have the name changed on the plot.  

Burials If the resident moves or leaves Town on their own free will then they will be considered a non-resident at the time of their burial.  This does not apply to any dependent attending school elsewhere, being called on a mission for their church or having to move into a care facility.
  Perpetual Care A fee will be charged at the time of purchase of a Cemetery Plot and at burial, this will go toward the care of the Cemetery.  

To Mantua Cemetery Plot Owners,
Rules have been established for the Mantua Cemetery, they are as follows:
1.  Said property shall be used for burial purposes only and all burials shall be made subject to the  reservations hereinafter contained, and under the direction of the Mantua City Public Works.

2.  No monuments, copings, markers, stones walks trellis, bench or other improvements upon   said property shall be made by the Plot Owner.  The Plot Owner under the direction of the Mantua City Public Works, must erect one marker for each grave within 12 months of burial, at a height that shall not exceed 32”, width that shall not exceed 24” and the length that shall not exceed 42”.  Reinforced concrete vault must be used for each interment, whether it be burial or cremation.

3.  No flowers, shrubbery, trees or plants of any sort shall be planted upon the property herein       described, except by Mantua City Public Works and its agents who guarantee to perpetually care for the lot.

4.  All excavation, filling and decoration of graves, shall be under the direction and subject to the   control of the Mantua City Public Works. If you have any questions you may contact Mantua Town Offices 435-723-7054.  

Thank You Town of Mantua

  • Resident                      $450.00
  • Non Resident             $1,900.00

  • Resident                  
    Open and Close                            $550.00
    Refundable Headstone Deposit       $150.00

  • Non Resident                              $1250.00
    Refundable Headstone Deposit       $150.00

  • Resident
    Open and Close                        $900.00
    Refundable Headstone Deposit   $150.00

  • Non Resident
    Open and Close                       $2,000.00
    Refundable Headstone Deposit    $150.00

  • Resident $50
  • Non Resident $1,150

  • Headstone deposit $150
  • Refundable if headstone is placed within one year

Cemetery information is available on www.NamesinStone.com.