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TOWN OF MANTUA SUMMARY OF FEES Resolution 2018-05-03 May 3, 2018


Utility Rates and Deposits
Water Rate  
$31.00 per month up to 10,000 gallons
$1.25 per thousand gallons for 10,000-50,000
$1.75 per thousand gallons for 50,000 gallons and above                        

Sewer Rate                 
$38.00 per Ordinance 2014-003                        

Garbage Rate             
$11.00 per month for the first garbage can                                                            
$5.00 per month for each additional garbage can (6 month minimum)                        

Late Fee                      $10.00 (after the 23rd of the month)                       

Water reconnect fee  $50.00 (for nonpayment or at owner request for disconnect or reconnect)       Any disconnect notice after 2nd notice served per calendar year will have a $25.00 fee added
Apartment within Owners Residence Utility Rates                        
Water                          $31.00 per month up to 10,000 gallons                         Garbage                       $11.00                        
Late Fee                      $10.00 (after the 23rd of the month) Note: 

Home Owners water Rate Adjusted Rate when renting. 
Renter has to have their own first garbage can.  

New Building Connection Fees (Water Sewer and Road Impact Fees extra - see office staff) Water, Sewer, Road and other impact fees specified in Mantua Ordinance No. 08-07-24A                          

New Water Connections                                           $550.00                        
New Sewer Connection                                             $125.00                        
Utility deposit for new construction                          $2,000.00                                              Landscaping deposit for new construction                $2,000.00                       

Setback Inspection Fee                                           $40.00
Returned Check Fee                                                $30.00
Dog License Fee                       
Male or Female                                                          $10.00                       
Neutered Male or Spayed Female                                  $5.00                        
A late fee of $15.00 per dog will be added after March 1.  

ATV or Golf Cart Permit                    
Resident                                                                     $5.00                        
Non-Resident                                                             $15.00                          

Excavation Permit                                                   $25.00  

Demolition Permit                                                  $100.00

Copies, Map, Ordinances                                                                                          Photocopies                                                                  $.25                         Maps                                                                          $2.00                        

Land Use Book                                    
Paper Copy                                                               $75.00                                     CD                                                                            $25.00

GRAMA Requests - After first 15 minutes of time spent for research it will be the hourly rate of lowest paid qualified clerk.  

Bowery Rental:                        
Resident                                                                    $35.00                       
Non-Resident                                                             $75.00                        
Cleaning Deposit                                                        $25.00                        
A re-keying surcharge may be assessed if required  

Annual Home Based Business License                                                        
Processing Fee                                                           $25.00  
Commercial Business License                                   $25.00
Beer License                                                            $100.00                        

Temporary Business License                                     $40.00
Special Event/Temporary Use Permit                        $35.00                                    
Plus $500.00 refundable cash deposit

Land Use Fees                        
Annexation Application fee                                       $1,000.00                        
Conditional Use Permit Commercial                             $200.00                        
Conditional Use Permit Accessory Apartment               $200.00                        
Conditional Use all other                                               $25.00                        
Rezone Application                                                     $250.00                        
Special Meeting                                                          $100.00                       
Appeal/Variance Application                                       $1000.00                                                                        
Land Use permits shown above that require input from engineers, attorneys or other Professionals retained by the Town of Mantua may be assessed an additional surcharge to cover such professional services.